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« Tha mi cinnteach gum bi mi a' tilleadh do dh' Alba.
I´m sure that i´ll be back in scotland.»

scotch whisky - a world of it´s own!

if i talk about scotch whisky, than i´ll talk about the scotch single malt whisky :-)

A scotch single malt is the product of one pot still distillery and has not been mixed with whisky from any other distilleries; but it is possible for a scotch single malt to be a mixture of batches from over the years.

By law scotch single malt must be matured in a bonded warehouse for a minimum of three years and to called scotch single malt whsiky it must be matured in scotland.

Single malt distilleries can be found in each region of scotland, each with it´s own particular distinctive traits and style of singel malt:

Island: soft, sweet, coastal air, seaweed, slightly peaty
Islay: big, powerful, very peaty, smoky, seaweed, medicinal
Campbeltown: rich, full-bodied, peaty
Lowlands: light, delicate, full of character
Highlands: coastal air, peaty in the north or soft, fruity in the south
Speyside: sweet, medium bodied, floral or big, rich fruity sherry

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